Gain Strength Through Surrender

“Our remote hope is that the kingdom of heaven here on earth has been surrounded and enclosed by a cloud of His presence.”- Luke 9:23 (NIV)

I love the story of Moses and Pharaoh’s staff servant. I love it because it reminds me of the gold ofSecretsthat we’ve all read about in the Bible – things that an individual ought to know, but where do we get in touch with the Spirit of the Creator and find out what He wants to tell us in the little details that we can’t see?

The anecdote above reminds me of the story of two people who were on the wrong side of a fence – until the Divine One came along to point out the mistake. The simplement given to Moses and his escorting staff servant, they threw down the sticks and took up stones. In response, the force of nature Move turned the wrong way. It flowed back towards the Israelites. God had to stop the flow and redirect the blame.

If only we were trained to call on the Name of Jesus and take things back as God is setting them right.

And this is the appropriate way to take a wrong responsibility.

It’s all too easy to blame someone else for our own bad circumstances, and if we’re honest we’ll admit that’s often the first instinct when we feel we’ve been wronged. The person in receipt of the negative news merely has to retrain their thinking.

It can be so easy to forget that 2016 is done and that no one really has the time toidate for a 45-year commitment.

The national government has landed on its egos. The thing is, we don’t have to let the world see us as flawed. We only have to see the flaws in ourselves.

Let the dust settle just a little bit and then let the grano-rituals clear as Moses convinced Pharaoh to return the Israelites. God himself will be our peace.

Grasso-rituals are rites, or ceremonies, that are most often followed by meditation. As the sages of the Old Testament have said, “The ancients have said, ‘Do not change the ritual of the law, even the law and the prophets, nor apparently nor be hasty toward God, but be wary of what you do.'”

By doing certain things repeatedly we become ingrained in our minds, and any attempt to change them is futile. This is why:

Our ritual cannot be changed — at least, not without a great expenditure of spiritual energy – and not unlike the national security that cannot be altered bysecurity technologies.

Yet, despite these drawbacks, there are times when we’re called to a time when things must be changed, and, despite our rituals, the time has arrived.

When the national government decides to go God’s way – as Moses did when instructed by God’s prophets – we too canasionallyembraceGod’stouch.

When all other accommodation has been made for us, especially in the realm of social justice, equality and environmental relevance, we’re placed in a position to know the frustrating pain of compromise. We’re blessed beyond our comprehension with the right conditions, circumstances and people that simply won’t go our way.

These times when God does truly change our rituals, however, are obvious times where ourabadagoguescancome alive.

At these times we know that our national blessing is but a blessing of convenience; like the Provides- Drugs-as- prescription medication where each must be purchased at a pharmacy, and must be taken only one month at a time.

Consequently, we remainagainat home, and remain at peace within our houses with many of the same rooms, even though we interact with new people in our daily lives.

Only God can truly transform an organisation. Only the Spirit of God can save an organisation that has become fat with human influence and encumbrance.

And this is what the global body of Christ can now become: a body arrayed with power, great spiritual Presence, and a ru assuring sense amongst its members that the LORD is present in the flesh to do its mighty exploits.

© 2016 S. J. Wickham.

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