Anti-Barking Methods: Which Really Work?

There are dogs, and then there are dogs. This simple phrase contains the rather complex idea that dogs have personalities, moods, and emotions, much as human beings do, and that their barking and other vocalizations – whining, howling, growling. Any dog owner will tell you that dogs do have a will of their own, much as human beings do. When you leave your dog, at times, she may bark. Does this mean that she is lonely or frightened or perhaps hungry? It is reasonable to assume so. It would not be uncommon to find a dog with whom neighbors do not agree.

But what is the connection to be made between such vocalization and the dog’s surroundings? In short, the answer to that is the dog’s emotional state of mind. yes, a dog barks because it is stressed and it is trying to say as much as can be said with the only means that they have, an animal. We tend to lash out and punish the dog, as if to say bring back the thunder. What we actually do is, in effect, reinforce the dog’s behavior, when in reality, we should be doing more to resolve that stressed emotional state. Instead, we sadden the dog, and ourselves, with the term “barker’s remorse.” Yikes!

Owners who are unfamiliar with the term may naturally assume that such barking must be an attention-seeking activity, much like a human using a cell phone. And while it may be true that sometimes a dog will bark in an attempt to get someone’s attention, it is usually because an owner has inadvertently reinforces that behavior. That is, we respond to the dog when she barks. And what is reinforcing? Well, it is saying “good dog, you bark and you get my attention.” picture someone standing in front of you, with a colorful card pulls down to read, “I am sorry for what I said.” Diabetes is somewhat more of a soluble matter, and in this case, it is not even an option. You can not squeak out of an earful of hate and prescription-pooping mutts.

What we have to do, before we figure out how to stop barking dogs, is to try tobetter understand what motivates it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Our dogs try to tell us what they need, even when they are preoccupied with something else. That is normal. What we don’t want, is to shut up a dog who is barking, without our prior knowledge of the circumstances, simply because we didn’t see the behavior occurring. That kind of communication is not effective.

2) Our dogs also use other forms of ‘ communicates ‘ to try and get us to work for them. If you have ever seen a litter of puppies and their peeing, they not only did it to get attention, but they sometimes bark to get us to help them out. There is a reason for all these things, and it has to do with the dog’s needs. If we understand them, we can better meet them.

3) Our own behavior is a huge part of how quickly dogs ‘ understand us. If we are relaxed, and non-confrontational, they can sometimes read that and realize we like what they are doing, without any yelling or contraband.

4) If you reinforce the behavior, and make it consistent, it can be done. Dogs don’t have to be constantly chained up, or tied up, or fenced. If we don’t want them to go potty in the wrong place, but only want them to sleep in the right place, we have to be consistent. If we are loose all the time, then they can go potty anywhere and everything they want.

5) When dogs sense fear, or insecurity from us, or our environment, and our friends, and want to take control, it may be too late to correct that. But if we are confident and in control, and show them what we expect, and don’t allow fear to dictate our actions, and reward the behavior you want to create, then that is what we’ll get out of that situation.

6) If you take a bare-faced attitude, and respond to everything with snarling, growling, and baring teeth, you aren’t going to be very popular. But if you are loyal and obedient, evenTHE SH determining partof your character, then people will like you.

7) It’s much easier to train one’s self-discipline. If there is a problem, it is far easier to solve that problem before it becomes something big that needs an expert.

8) When it comes to dogs and food, most people would agree that dogs have the instinct to eat meat.

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