Lock Up Your Daughters – Dangerous Cosmetics on the Skin

Teenage girls love looking good, smelling good and feeling sexy. They love to use cosmetics, skin care and hair care products for their beauty and acceptance. But is it too much?

What do you do when your teenager daughters accidentally start using cosmetics, including skin care products, what do you do? Is there anything you can do to help?

What do you do when your teenager daughters decide to use cosmetics, including skin care and hair care products, what do you do?

parents, what do you do?

What do you do? Let them go ahead and start using these potentially dangerous cosmetics? Even if you catch them using cosmetics, there is the feeling that your teenage daughter might do it again.

And what if she does not use cosmetics everyday? What if she uses only the makeup that appeal to you?

Maybe she is not fans of wearing makeup because she thinks it makes her look unappealing. Maybe she looses her looks as soon as she starts wearing it.

Young ladies be careful with the cosmetics. It can start affecting your daughter’s health. shielding her from the sun is never a good idea. Her skin might become extra sensitive and topic to sunburn. Remember that cosmetic, also called personal care products, can contain strong irritants that can damage the skin.

When your daughter buys cosmetics, teach her to watch for warning signs and to leave the store when she sees one. There are toxins in the cosmetics. She can be allergic to it.

Teach her to ask a doctor if she has any eyesight problems. There are eye surgeries and other procedures she can opt for.

Help to decide the right shade of cosmetics for her. Do not let her just buy the color lipstick or lip gloss that looks cute on her favorite celebrity. There are experts who advice on choosing the right cosmetics.

Teach her to buyusable brushes. There are disposable ones that you could use. She could also try her hand on some of the cosmetics to test them.

Many girls try their hand on the cosmetics at the store. Many end up buying them. They get the wrong shades. They see that it looks like the one in the catalog and they buy it. Then they become the victim of a scam.

Never let your teenage daughter try on the cosmetics. It could ruin her skin. Teach her to wait for five to ten days to buy cosmetics.

Ensure that she understand the difference between a perfume and cologne. The correct one to use would be for her.

On the other hand, she would not buy a cologne even if the salesperson said that it would make her smell like a gorgeous princess.

While smelling beauty products,Teenagers tend to overuse perfume. They tend to use it when they go to a party. They rushes and buy them without analyzing if they are overusing it.

The other beauty products that youngsters use on a daily bases are eyeliner and mascara. Teach your daughter that it is a harmful practice to overuse eyeliner and that it could make dark circles under her eyes.

Mascara makes eyelashes look like giant spider webs. Teach her that using such makeup could affect the health of her lashes. Also, teach her that using too much mascara can make the eyelashes break and split.

Eye shadow and glitter are also popular beauty products among teenagers. Make sure that your daughter knows the difference between body glitter and body eye shadow.

They are both created to make the eyes look appealing. Teach your daughter that body eye shadow is suitable for the teenagers and adults. Pixie makeup and glitter are suitable for teenagers but not for adults.

Teach her to never share body makeup, especially with other teenagers. There are germs on hands and lips and it could spread disease.

Some other tips to teach your daughter how to be beautiful include:

Have her tested on some media personalities who have wide networking lifestyles. Open the door for her to ask questions about the celebrities she is following. Most celebrities are on the net and available for viewing during non-working hours.

Make her research on the procedure she is going to undergo. Most cosmetic surgeons have medical letters on their websites and if she has questions about the procedure, she could call the doctor directly.

Teach her to ask as many questions as possible. A simple question might be, “Who will perform this procedure?”

Make her research on the cost of the procedure. It should be possible to walk into the clinic, look at the cost and discuss all related issues.

First consult the pharmacist and doctor at the clinic for advice. This will ensure problems are cleared up before the injections.

encourage her to ask her family doctor for a referral. This is important as the doctor may not be of the same age or same gender as the teen.

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