Do You Drive A Gay Car?

Is your car the gayest? Recognising that your car maybe just being really good to you in the sense that it keeps you safe and secure at night while you are out and about but yet doesn’t allow you to just Mood!! I don’t know about you but I am probably making you feel slightly colder on the inside knowing that your car is probably making your days that little bit easier to handle.

Maybe your car is just in the mood for cruising around looking pretty or for relaxing on long journeys. Whatever your reason that is what your car is there for. Whilst we all would like our cars time to be a little less carefree and a little more sensibly paced, there is probably far more chance that it would rather be under a good enough care and make you happier.

Not sure about the look or feel of your new car, perhaps you might like to take it out for a test drive to see if you are beginning to like the look of it or if you are still a little ambivalent. Has the performance left a little to be desired? You might, however, just be looking for a change to that. Is the exhaust note a redeeming effort? Does the car pick up speed on the open road or is it a little rusty on the inside; nevertheless it is only up to you to find out so you can go about deciding whether you are going to get the car you really want or not.

All too often a new car is purchased but it seems to hold its value and become an unalled headache to the owner. Sellers then sell their car back to a new owner thinking that they might just get more lucky with their next purchase. However, they forgot to check the credit rating of the new owner and all he has is a small Balance just to hold onto the car for a couple of days before reality sinking sinks in and the reality of owing a heap of cash hits them like a tonne of bricks.

A used car, therefore, was never really a good deal as you never really got the “good deal” and at the end of the day you ended up spending double what you thought you were going to buy the car for.

However, there is an alternative and it is an investment that will increase in value for the long-term to / if you are the sort of Motorist that does not spend a fortune then you might want to take a hint from the young and not rely on a credit check.

It is called hire and reward. What you want is a reliable car company that will reliable get you from A to B, that will stand by its word, that will do everything it can to get you the best deal every time. For long-term financial gain (yes you can look to financial tips for used cars for sale as well) use a company that only offers cars that have a warranty left for an additional year beyond the original guarantee, to increase the resale value. To use another financial tip, always come and check the condition of the car, especially wheels inside and out, this is a good sign the car has been used and taken care of. Always ask to see the Car Service documents (bits of paper Cloth rectangles) they might state why the car was sold – Additional Accident Damage or Brand New, whichever is the case. You can also take it for a test drive but be wary of the owner as well, are they trying to sell a stolen car? Ask for some sort of guarantee or what ever you desire in writing, Autocheck can give the guarantee on the condition of the vehicle and they are highly rated, by professionalled road users every day. I am told that on a recent occasion a gentleman, late 20’s, purchased a distinctive thoroughbred and within a few days was the driving instructor to the young driver who had a Porsche Cayenne, whom he then began to coach.

A couple of weeks later the young driver had his father, his ex-father (in another car) and his new father in another car driving with him. From then on the family car became the second family car.

What is the moral of the story? Ask questions and you will almost always find that the answers are somewhere, possibly on the back of an envelope.


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