How to Score More Points in Basketball

Basketball is a game of recognise the best shot, second best shot and so on. It is not enough just to get an average score, you have to be great at the game to make great shots. Some of the top scorers are not even the best shooter.

How to help yourself

1. Get the proper conditioning- jump rope, stadium steps, playing basketball with your mates are all great ways to get in basketball shape. Taking extra minutes to work on your basketball fundamentals is equally important.

2. Concentrate on shooting the ball

Think about it this way, if you aim to get as many shots as possible, then your effort will be worth it. Think about making all your shots. Keep track of your good shots and block as many bad shots as you can. Aim to make at least 70%.

3. Work on one thing at a time

Take a break and concentrate on one thing at a time such as dribbling. simultaneous shooting surroundings are best for consistent scores. If you focus on dribbling and then immediately take occasional (one to two second) shots, you can be sure you’ll get better.

4. Patience, Patience and more Patience

The game of basketball is a drillsy one and you will find yourself going back and forth shooting lots of shots. Don’t give up. Keep practising and you will definitely improve. It is unlikely you will get lucky and score 10 points in your first try but if you practise consistently, getting better will eventually come.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

You can really get better if you practice shooting as much as you can. Most basketball players only practice shooting and don’t even know it. Now you could get better easily by watching as much as you can of game videos, clips and even is some of the best NBA games as this will help you concentrate.

6. Crowd play

This game was made popular by the Magic Johnson’s and it challenges your basketball fundamentals. You take turns being the captain of the team, you call out the plays and point to the batters. Before every game, you warm up as always and go over practice shots.

7. Fast break shooting

Fast break shooting is a great way to quickly increase your scoring average. It is easy to do and you will be entertaining so it seems logical that you will know exactly which shot you want to take. Take a proven way of scoring, the two-step, and use elbow room to aim. You have a good three-step in between and if you have one in between then slam it through the basket with authority.

8. Go up for the sake of entertainment

If you watch a lot of basketball, or a lot of teams play, you will eventually find your niche. What makes a good basketball movie? Well you should choose whatever leaves you really happy, because that’s how you will want to make an entertainment-level basketball movie.

From watching the game on TV, to catching up with the music on your iPod, it’s seemly easy to earn millions with your basketball talents. Some say it’s the craziest kind of pipe dream is to make a scientifically correct basketball shot. There are too many variables in basketball, it’s too complicated for anyone to master it in one night. You might be able to learn the theory in about a month or two of practice, but it’s going to take some serious practice.

If you really want to be great at Basketball, you should dream about making the jump to becoming the best. dreaming about it doesn’t make it so. You have to put in the work. Find some people to help you like your coach eats lunch with them and drink up the great games they watch. Learn from them and ask for their help. Do what they say and it’s guaranteed any wind up of any kind will turn into your greatest achievement.

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