Women’s Basketball | Tue, Jul. 20, 2021

TALLADEGA, ALABAMA— Female, student-athletes are recruited to dominate the court, hit home runs, and spike the ball harder than anyone could ever imagine, but what happens after the ball stops? Talladega College is partnering with local and national sponsors to host the first Dream Classic Academy (DCA). 

The event is set for October 22nd – 24th and will feature a panel discussion from some of the industry’s most acclaimed women in the world of sports, breakout sessions, and a tournament. The purpose of DCA is to promote female empowerment and provide a platform that highlights the
significance of mental health and professional development.

DCA is also designed to create maximum exposure for athletes, students, and institutions. Currently, six teams (Wilber-force University, Rust College, Stillman College, Florida Memorial University, Fisk University, and Talladega College) have confirmed their participation in the tournament.

“I am super excited about this event,” said Mercedes Gillon-Gantt, event organizer and assistant women’s basketball coach. “There are a large number of female athletes that face challenges after their collegiate sports career ends, but we have decided to change the narrative here at Talladega College.”

Panel guests include but are not limited to Natalie White (Interim President & Chief Operating Officer at Los Angeles Sparks); Ebony E. McCue (Chief Legal Officer and sports attorney at the OMBI Group); Akilah Bethel (Bethel League); Brianna Gladney (Coordinator of Executive Operations at Orange Bowl Committee); Chelsea Sherrod (Reporter/Host at New England Sports Network); Carissa Crutchfield (former professional women’s player); and Lyndra Little (professional basketball player).

The Academy will also host breakout sessions that will be aimed at empowering young female basketball players to become career-ready in athletics. The breakout sessions will provide a holistic approach to career preparation by promoting the importance of maintaining mental health,
professional development, and exposure to career opportunities within professional basketball

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Talladega College’s Office of
Institutional Advancement at 256-761-8832

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